About Us

A dream came to life when we opened our doors at Ville + Rue on November 1, 2019.

After gaining experience in the worlds of publication, design, and real estate, Rebecca Addington had a dream of operating a retail store in the city she fell in love with and one day hoped to call home. Lancaster appealed to her because if its incredible combination of the quality and diversity of a large city paired with the charm, history, and community of a small town.

After spending time in York, Baltimore, and Harrisburg, she and husband Wes found themselves in the Lehigh Valley.

Working with a major home furnishings store as the design manager, Rebecca realized the way to combine her love of people, design and home into one by having a store showcasing home furnishings, while also assisting clientele who were looking for design guidance.

Cut to walking into an unbelievably charming home furnishings store in downtown Bethlehem, where she met Derrick and Warren Clark, founders of Domaci. After one sit-down conversation, she knew this was where she needed to be, and never looked back.

Joining the Domaci team and eventually becoming a partner, her love of retail grew, though she knew her heart was still in Lancaster. An opportunity to move back to the Susquehanna Valley presented itself, and the team at Domaci decided to explore the opportunity of having a Lancaster location. After one visit, convincing the other two wasn't difficult, and eventually Ville + Rue came into existence.

Ville + Rue means "City and Street", while Domaci means "Home." We fundamentally believe that everyone should love where they live and call home.

We seek to be a destination for inspiration and a source for high-quality and eclectic home furnishings. Our goal is for your home to be a personal reflection of the ones who call it that.

We genuinely look forward to meeting you and sharing our store-home with you!



the team at Ville + Rue