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Groundhog tote

"Poppy" the Groundhog Tote - Debut Edition

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A Ville & Rue Exclusive, we've partnered with our friends at Eric & Christopher to create our "Poppy" Collection.

Celebrate Groundhog Day all year long with our Poppy Collection!

Poppy's Story:

Poppy is a Lancaster County native, born in Conestoga in 2019. At approximately 4 weeks of age she was found alone by a kind individual. She was transported to a wildlife center, placed in the care of her handler and thrived. As she was being acclimated to outdoor life she started to show problems with her teeth. It was determined by veterinarians that Poppy was maloccluded (misaligned teeth) and would never be able to survive on her own in the wild. Her incisors were removed and her training as an Ambassador began.

In 2020, Poppy's handler formed Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation, a new wildlife rehabilitation facility that specializes in squirrels, bunnies, and groundhogs, of which Poppy is a proud Ambassador. 

  • Materials: 100% Natural Cotton Canvas
  • Finish: Hand Screen Printed, Off-White
  • Dimensions: approximately 16"W x 5"D x 14"H
  • Designed, Hand Screen Printed and Sewn in Bucks County, PA

Lead Time: Approximately 3-5 Business Days