We work with real people in real spaces. It is possible to have beautiful furniture when you have a family when you have children when you have pets. We've mastered the art form of beauty and function. And we're here to curate your home to your vision.

Areas of Expertise

We're firm believers in allowing people to do what their good at. With our well-rounded design team & in-person atelier, we're here to make your home design dreams a reality.

concierge design

In Person Atelier

custom furniture

interior design that feels like you

Our Mission

To cultivate spaces that not only captivate the senses but also nurture a deep emotional connection between people and their living spaces.

With a focus on fostering meaningful connections and a shared love for home aesthetics, we aspire to be a beacon of inspiration and a trusted partner on the journey of turning houses into homes that reflect the very essence of their occupants. We believe that a space adorned with love and personality holds the power to bring joy, comfort, and harmony into people's lives.

THE Experience

initial consult

Our initial consults are done right in your home. We want to see and experience the space we'll be transforming for you. Taking measurements, photos, and having an honest conversation of your needs and aesthetic.

CREATIVE RESEARCH and Design Presentation

Once we have your custom design presentation completed we will invite you to the atelier for the big reveal!


We will guide you through the entire process. From purchasing to delivery, we are here for you!

Concierge Design

You ARE a great designer. You ARE a master of your aesthetic. You may need some help fine-tuning...

Our concierge design service is here to help you curate your spaces and bring your home vision to life. There are endless options, which can get overwhelming and overstimulating...which is not enjoyable. The journey to your dream aesthetic should be an enjoyable one. Our diverse team of designers is here to make that happen.


In Person Atelier

Experience our curated pieces in person. See the details, feel the textures, Envision it in your space.

We are nestled in this historic building in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania. From the architectural elements inside and out, we have truly found our home here. There's something to experience in every little corner. We know you'll also feel at home the moment you walk through the door.


Custom Furniture

Providing personalized furniture solutions tailored to you and your lifestyle.

We understand that every individual's taste and and lifestyles are unique. Your furniture should work for you and yet still be in line with your aesthetic. YES you can have that cream sofa even with a new puppy. It IS possible! 


An Interior design genius who has the uncanny ability to tap into the essence of who you are in order to help you create a home that’s uniquely you! 

- Jennifer Hale

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