Custom Furniture

Guiding you through the selection of style to which fabric to which color of the fabric. We work with you to decipher all the variables with options for all stages of life.

Upholstery for the ages.

Working with the finest eco-friendly furniture manufacturer - we bring our curated line of custom upholstery furniture options. Yes you CAN have that gorgeous cream colored sofa and still have children & pets. With the right fabric and education on care - we are here to guide you in making the best choices for your home and your vision!

Custom upholstery

Custom Wooden Furniture

We've partnered with local woodworking artisan Mike Raymond of Seven Fifty Eight to provide our exclusive line of hand made - fine crafted wooden Furniture. A true collaboration between Ville & Rue and Seven Fifty Eight. From Design to wood species, even the stain selections. Every detail in this collaboration was made with intention of our clientele in mind.


local artisan made

If you're looking for:

Sustainable furniture

When you invest in quality furniture you are investing in furniture that will last years. This greatly reduces the number of times you need to replace your furniture. Cutting down on waste & saving you money in the long run.

Beautiful Experience

Ever compare purchasing furniture to buying a car? It's earaly similar with all the options available. We make the process fun & will always give you our professional opinion on what we believe will be your best options.


We research and vet every manufacturer & artisan we work with to ensure each client we work with is receiving a high quality product. 

What Makes Us Different

We view each and every client and project as a collaboration . We will always be honest and treat you with integrity. This is what we pride ourselves on. 

Sourcing only the highest quality in materials, fabrics, and art with a passion for supporting local artisans. 

seriously, this is pretty special

We can help with that.

If any of those points resonates with you, than we may just be a great fit! Our accredited design team will create a relaxed and enjoyable experience for you and your home decor needs.

All we've got to do is get started.